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Taelor here!

The past two years have been so good to me. I am so grateful for all of your support, kindness, and generosity. Taelor Fisher Painting would not exist without YOU.

Now it’s time for me to say THANK YOU in a different way. I have been itching to figure out a way for me to GIVE BACK – but honestly have been hitting a wall. I see other small businesses giving back through organizations and charities that they are close to – and found myself trying my hardest to find that ONE THING that is meaningful to me.

Fast forward to last week. It clicked.

I received a Commission Inquiry from a prospective client. This client has gone through a tragedy and was extremely sincere. They were obviously not looking for or asking for charity – but wanting something beautiful to look at every day. A piece of artwork that would hang on their walls and lift their spirits.

I found myself in tears – empathizing with their situation – and knowing in my heart that I could not charge them for this painting. The idea of working with them on a special piece that would bring a little happiness back into their home would be payment enough.

THUS – The creation of PAINT IT FORWARD. THIS is my way of giving back.

Every year I will be choosing 2-4 people to gift a commission to. These people will be nominated by YOU. I will be selecting candidates who are the most deserving people you know.

I believe that everyone deserves something beautiful to look at every day. So, that being said, no circumstance is too little. If you believe that you know of someone who has gone through a rough patch, is currently going through a hard time, or just needs a little light in their life – please NOMINATE them!

I would love to highlight these clients on my website and tell their stories – but also respect their privacy if they would not like for their personal circumstances to be written about.


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