On The Wall: Client Liz White


I am so excited to introduce my first featured On The Wall Client Commission! I began working with Liz White a few months ago and immediately knew I needed to feature our collaboration. Liz had a great idea of what she wanted up front, and we worked together with her designer, Heather Scott Home and Design, to create this custom piece for Liz’s playroom.

On The Wall:

For every commission, I create an inspiration board to help inspire all of my choices, along with client input. Below I have broken down all of the major elements that I had on my wall influencing Liz’s commission! Keep reading after for an interview with Liz about her take on my commission process!

Mini Draft:


Liz and Heather sent me all of the design elements and inspiration colors to pull together to help inspire Liz’s painting. Liz mentioned that she was drawn to my Farm Girl style, so i created a few drafts with varying palettes in this style for her to pick from. The chosen draft is pictured here. Since this piece was being installed in a playroom, I wanted the brushstrokes and colors to complement the decor, but also be energetic and youthful.

Color Palette:

I love it when designers send me the range of colors found in the room. This helps me understand what exact shades of different colors to use, so that painting doesn’t clash. The wall color is key, especially shades of white and grey. Below are the colors used in Liz’s playroom:

Benjamin Moore chantilly lace

Benjamin Moore chantilly lace

Benjamin Moore Ice Cap

Benjamin Moore Ice Cap

Benjamin Moore Paper White

Benjamin Moore Paper White

Sherwin Williams Rain

Sherwin Williams Rain


I pulled different colors from the fabrics sent to me by Heather. I also appreciated knowing what colors of furniture and design accents would surround the painting. If you are interested in any of these patterns, please contact Heather Scott Home & Design for more information.


Other Inspiration Elements:

Liz was excited to be able to tie in the colors from this painting in her commission. I love how this piece has a range of blues and natural tones. Seeing this, helped me event further the color palette for this commission.

White, media artwork.jpg

The entire process took about a month, sometimes longer depending on any changes to color or composition, but I was so happy with the end product!

Keep reading for Liz’s take on the process, and photos of the

finished and installed painting!


An Interview with Liz White

Photography by Shelly Borga

Photography by Shelly Borga

Where are you from?

Austin, TX

Tell us a little more about yourself:

My husband and I own and operate a public affairs firm together in Austin, Texas. He handles the client-facing side, and I handle the back end of things. Exciting stuff like Quickbooks, taxes, and payroll. ;) We've been married for almost 8 years, and he's truly my best friend. Recently, I've started a side hustle lifestyle blog (www.lizleewhite.com) where I talk about all things style, home, travel, pregnancy, and (soon) motherhood. We're expecting our first baby (a girl!) at the end of April. I've been in extreme nesting mode over the last few months and just finished renovating, decorating, and organizing the upstairs of our home in preparation for baby. We couldn't be more excited to meet her and can't wait to begin our parenthood journey together.

Why did you choose Taelor Fisher to work on a commission for your space?: 

Photography by:Shelly Borga

Photography by:Shelly Borga

A couple years ago, we renovated and decorated the downstairs of our home, and for me, choosing art was always the hardest part of the design process. I would spend hours searching through magazines and online for the perfect piece that "spoke to me", but would walk away feeling frustrated when nothing I found was quite right. Fortunately, I ran across Taelor's work on Instagram while I was looking for design inspiration for the nursery. Right away, her work checked all the boxes for me. First and foremost, I love flowers. They make me happy. I also gravitate towards abstract art, so the idea of combining my love for florals with a custom, abstract piece designed to fit our space and within our color scheme was a no brainer.

Where is your commission hanging?

Taelor's art is hanging in our upstairs media/playroom. It's where we hang out, drink wine, and watch TV. Once baby arrives, the space will also serve as the main playroom area in our home.

What was the commission process like? : 

A breeze! I reached out to Taelor via her website and she immediately followed up with pricing and timeline information. She sent me a super easy questionnaire to fill out that helped guide us both through the process. I also sent her images of our fabric swatches and paint colors to use for our color scheme. Once we had colors and sizing squared away, she got started on the piece and sent me updates throughout so I could make changes like adding more blue, or using less green, etc. I think I only made one change though! We communicated all via e-mail, and Taelor worked with me to make sure the piece was delivered in time for our furniture install day. She met every deadline, was a dream to work with, and is so sweet!

Photography by Shelly Borga

Photography by Shelly Borga


Other than your TFP, what's on your wall right now that inspires you?


There are a few spaces in our home where I really love how the artwork turned out. The first is hanging in our laundry room, and it's a photograph by Lucy Cuneo (https://lucycuneo.com/photography/#series). She's a fabulous wedding photographer, but she's released a few fine art photography series that are all really beautiful. I own a piece from her "Flowers" series, and it's essentially just a close up shot of different varieties of pink flowers. It makes me smile every time I walk into my laundry room, which makes doing laundry slightly more bearable. Another piece I love is hanging inside our powder bathroom. It's a giclee watercolor print of a scene from Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, which is our favorite park in the city. Every time I see it, I'm reminded of the perfect day my husband and I spent together there a few years ago during our first trip to Paris. Finally, I worked with FrameBridge to create a gallery wall of pictures from various trips my husband and I have taken together. It's hanging in our entryway and is one of the first things you see when you walk through our front door. Not only is it a great conversation starter for guests, but it reminds me of all the fun times we've had traveling the world and inspires me to think about where we'll go next!

What was your favorite part about working with Taelor on a custom piece?: 

Just how sweet and lovely she was throughout the whole process! You can really tell that she loves what she does - it translates into her work and how she interacts with her clients.

Lastly, we love flowers over here at TFP, who is your favorite florist?

To be honest, I haven't found one yet! Which is so sad, but it's the truth. But my favorite flowers are peonies for their beauty, and hydrangea for their versatility (they look great in an arrangement with other varieties or alone by themselves, come in so many color options, and can be classed up for a fancy event or played down for a more earthy, natural look).

Thank you Liz!

I had a blast working with Liz on this commission, and would work with her again in a heartbeat. We worked together with photographer Shelly Borga (Dakota & Co.) to capture Liz in her completed playroom. If you are interested in Shelly’s work, you can take a look at it here.

Liz launched her blog on April 1st, and I highly recommend following along! She is almost due with her little one, and covers everything from baby, to cooking, to home decor, to her exercise routine. I’ve loved following along!

If you are interested in following Liz, here is her information:

Instagram Handle: 




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