On The Wall: Meredith Cummings of Moxie Creative Media


Taelor Here!

This On The Wall Wednesday, leading up to the official launch of ON THE WALL on Wednesday, April 3rd, I wanted to highlight the crazy talented Meredith Cummings of Moxie Creative Media.

Meredith is on my wall because she is a woman who wears many hats in her business. She has created some amazing graphics for On The Wall, including the absolutely PERFECT logo and header for the blog, as well as helping me brand my Paint It Forward, giving back program. I’m pretty lucky to have found someone who has humored my insane ideas, but also has the creativity and vision to make them visually come to life.

Meredith works with countless businesses across the country, and is truly the magic behind a lot of their branding. I was introduced to Meredith by my good friend and handbag designer, Kelly Wynne Ferguson, through a KW x TFP collaboration last year. Fast forward to October, I ended up reconnecting with Meredith through CollectiveThirtyOne, a networking group, that we are both members of.


I knew I wanted to hire Meredith when I saw the GIF’s that she created for my friend Whitney’s business, Miracle Milkookies. That’s really how it all began… with some TFP GIF’s on Instagram (Search TFP, and my custom Moxie GIF’s will pop up!). If you follow Moxie on Instagram (@moxie.creative), you will soon learn that she is the creator of the “I Love You So Much” GIF - that I’m pretty sure has been seen a billion+ times! The beauty of Meredith’s business is that she has been able to not only create graphics for me, but also consult me on a variety of marketing and branding strategies.

So as a HUGE Thank you to Meredith, I wanted to give her a little shout out and ask her some necessary On The Wall questions:


On The Wall with Meredith Cummings:


Tell me about your business, Moxie Creative Media. 

Spoiler alert: I am a really designer on accident! I began freelance designing in 2014 as a creative outlet for my 9-to-5 marketing job. My design “hobby" quickly blossomed into a business. It was with a lot of faith and a little moxie that I left an agency to focus full-time on marketing with small businesses. Today, MOXIE is the creative propeller, designing and developing strategy, behind 40+ independent lifestyle brands. 

What is unique about your business?

I stand at the intersection of business and art, which gives me a unique perspective. I see the problems through a business lens, and create the strategic solutions by way of graphic design. In a noisy marketplace, it’s essential to have this 360 degree view of your business. You can’t just have a pretty logo! You absolutely must tell a story or create an experience!

Branch Basics

Who are your clients and what do you do for them?

Funny enough, many of my new client relationships in 2019 have started similarly to my relationship with TFP. I’ve created GIF stickers for Branch Basics, Weezie, and The CEH. These small projects spin off into bigger opportunities for digital marketing. It’s a small way to show them what I’m capable of. So far, so good!

MOXIE’s core services are digital marketing and brand identity. Over the course of the year, I will design about 8 new brand identities, most which are mostly *top secret* for now! I also develop marketing strategy on a weekly basis for brands like Kelly Wynne, Lola + Lina, and Laurentia Vineyard & Winery. For these business I’m designing line sheets, e-mail campaigns, you-name-it!

I recently created a podcast cover graphic for Message from Mom, a new mom series by Miracle Milkookies launching in May 2019. If it needs design, I can do it! Is my entrepreneur showing?

Kelly Wynne
Message from Mom

How have you worked with Taelor Fisher Painting? 

Taelor and I first worked together as a collaboration with Kelly Wynne. It was pretty obvious that we were kindred spirits in the way we work and think! We had another opportunity to work together on GIFs this winter, and now we are developing content for her new blog, On The Wall! We’ve put together a multi-faceted strategy to tell stories through Taelor Fisher Painting. The goal is two-fold — to engage the TFP audience by engaging in deeper conversations about art and inspire a new world of purpose for the brand.


What is inspiring you right now? 


Well, I have just returned from a fire hose of inspiration at SXSW! I have So Many Thoughts™️ (SMT s/o to Elizabeth Holmes). I am little overwhelmed with ideas and strategy! As a follow-up to SXSW, I am reading Brene Brown’s Rising Strong. She quoted Elizabeth Gilbert, another MOXIE-crush, who posted a quote on social media Grace will take you places that hustle can’t. It has reminded me to give myself grace in those moments of anxiousness. I have to remind myself that I can’t be everything to everyone. We have to pour into ourselves in order to pour into others! 


Lastly, we love flowers over here at TFP, so who is your favorite florist?


Park Cities Petals creates the fullest arrangements! I always joke that, some day, I’ll move to Paris and open a flower shop. I love ranunculus, especially the smaller buds that twist and turn on their stems. They’re a little silly, but I love their less-serious approach to life. 


MOXIE and TFP have the same love for flowers. I completely believe that you have surround yourself with beauty to be able to produce beauty! I always pick up a bunch of flowers at the grocery store. This week’s selection was tulips!

Thank you so much to Meredith for everything that you have done for TFP!

Check out Moxie’s work on her website or Instagram:



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